My first fishing in Finland – 2007

Our first fishing was random – friends invited us to go to Finland for 4 days, and the main purpose of this trip was to visit the Virrat town, where our friends were going to meet old friends.

Since only one day was allocated for the meeting, others days needed something to occupy. We decided to look for a place where we could stay and relax. On the site mokkiavain.fi we found a suitable for us cottage Myllikikko, where, among other things, rods were found. Our friends were more circumspect and took a spinning. From the rods found in the cottage, I chose the longest fly rod. The tackle was primitive, but it still existed. After unpacking our small luggage, I took the rod and went to the pier. I only had a piece of bread from the bait. I remembered childhood, rolled the ball and threw it. A minute later I had a small roach in my hands. So there is a fish … We must catch. I can not say that we caught a lot, but still caught for fresh-soup. One day our friend went on a boat and brought, albeit not very large, pike perch. Pisces was not caught very much, but we actually did not plan to catch them. But even without fish, we did not stay.\r\n

The nearest forest was examined. Finns do not pick up mushrooms, but a lot of mushrooms were there! So we were not hungry. The first experience inspired and we decided the next year to go fishing, specially for fishing, not for a walk.


No tail, no scales!

Yours faithfully

Juri Shutenko

Juri Shutenko

Microsoft MVP 2007-2010, Microsoft rMVP 2016-. The developer of MS SQL databases, Windows Forms applications, WEB applications based on ASP.Net and WordPress.

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