Where to go fishing in Finland?

Where to go fishing in Finland? My answer is simple: anywhere, in any province! Have you never seen a map of Finland? Take a look and you will not have any questions!

Finns sometimes joke that they have more water than land. A lot of rivers and lakes provide an opportunity for year-round fishing, and fishing usually is a very successful! Take a look at Lake Saimaa!  Just think – on the lake are 14000 (namely fourteen thousand)  islands! Of course, among them there are very tiny, several square meters, there are big, as well as many peninsulas. I have been fishing in Finland for many years. There were very successful fishing, were less successful, but we never once remained without fish.

What is caught in Finland? This is the topic of a separate article, in which I will tell you how to choose a region and what kind of fish it is worth waiting for. Finns are very concerned about fish stocks, so annually produce fish stocking.

All fishing in Finland is paid, that is, a license is required, although the cost of the license is very small. Licenses, as a rule, are for one week or for a year. For example, in the Tampere region, a license for a week costs twelve euros, and for a year 20. And, for example, Anttola in the Mikkeli region has a license for either six months (6 euros) or a year (12 euros). Despite the fact that some owners of cottages say that they do not need a license for catching, I still urge you to purchase a license, as this money goes to a good cause – to replenish fish stocks.

No tail, no scales!

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Juri Shutenko

Juri Shutenko

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